He just seems to have annoyed even more people when the NFL bent over to give him a chance.

Via Fox News:

Colin Kaepernick has not thrown a pass in the NFL since the 2016 season and, nearly three years after appearing against the Seattle Seahawks in the final week of the season, his standing in the league and teams’ interest in the quarterback doesn’t appear to have changed even despite his workout Saturday.

Kaepernick, who started a firestorm in the NFL when he decided to kneel during the national anthem to draw awareness to perceived racial and social injustices in the U.S., threw passes for about 40 minutes at an Atlanta high school. While an NFL executive told ESPN his arm talent was “elite” and that he “threw the ball well,” Kaepernick left the field without a team and still out of the NFL.

Kaepernick’s showcase may have been marred by the controversy surrounding the workout in the hours and minutes leading up to it.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback switched his workout location at the last minute to a high school from the Atlanta Falcons’ training facility. From the 25 teams that were apparently scheduled to be at the training facility for the workout, about six teams were able to make it to the new location. Additionally, Kaepernick reps Ben Meiselas and Jeff Nalley said the change in location to facilitate “a transparent and open process.”

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