A lot of black voters don’t want her.

Via The Blaze:

With reports of Kamla Harris’ presidential campaign being “in meltdown,” ABC News thinks it might know why the progressive California senator’s 2020 candidacy has failed to gain traction.

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In an article published Saturday morning titled “Is Kamala Harris proof that America isn’t ready for a woman of color as president?” the news network theorizes that racism and misogyny might be fueling opposition to Harris.

Apparently, the candidate speculated in a May speech to the NAACP that if her campaign did not take off, it could be due to her gender and race.

She wondered aloud if “America was ready for a woman and a woman of color to be president of the United States of America.” It was an issue she brought up on the campaign trail as well. Would her race and gender be a hindrance to her campaign amid the largest group of major contenders the Democratic party has ever seen? Would Harris, a woman who is both black and Indian American, have more difficulty as a candidate than an openly gay mayor, a Hindu Pacific Islander congresswoman, or an Asian American businessman?

Black Democrats are not buying it

However, black Democratic primary voters do not seem to be buying Harris’ appeals.

According to ABC News, after hearing Harris speak at the Essence Festival, Alicia Jones, an African American Howard University alumna, said she was turned off by the 2020 hopeful’s pitch to black voters. “I think that what she did was dirty. And I think she’s way beyond and way above what she did.”

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