Via Daily Caller:

The “Jeopardy!” contestant behind the moment that almost brought Alex Trebek to tears has revealed a plan to raise money for cancer research in the host’s honor.

Contestant Dhruv Gaur went viral this week after using his final answer to write a message of love to Trebek, who is battling stage four pancreatic cancer, according to a report published by Entertainment Tonight.

Now, Gaur has shared his plan to keep honoring Trebek during Thursday’s episode of the “The Ellen Show.”

“Something that a lot of contestants on the tournament and I are going to be doing tonight and tomorrow night is during the finals of the Tournament of Champions that will be airing,” he told Ellen DeGeneres. “We’re going to be playing along at home and for every question that we get right, we’re going to be donating a dollar to the Lustgarten Foundation to support Pancreatic Cancer research.”

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