On multiple occasions, Sleepy Joe has declared China is not a threat. Last night he changed his tune.

BIDEN: “Let me make a clarification. We don’t need large numbers of combat troops conducting wars in areas like Afghanistan or Iraq, et cetera. We don’t need that. That’s not what’s necessary. We do need — we do need bases and stations around the world, we do need people that are stationed in nato. We do need troops that are stationed in the far east, in Asia dealing with the concerns that — they act as a sign saying not here, the United States is here. We are going to dissuade you from doing anything irrational. But the fighting troops out there shooting, the special forces folks, are needed to deal with the stateless actors. If we pulled our troops out of everywhere from gaum to Australia and everywhere in between, that would be a green light for China to continue to try to take over significant areas of territory by their mere presence we have to make sure we enforce international rules and sea lanes and skies, et cetera, that we’re going to make it clear you got to go through us to change it. That is important to have troops dispatched around the world but not combat troops engaged in active wars.”