Dems are currently torching their chances in these states with their run to the left.

Via Townhall:

Donald Trump is on track to win re-election. Forget the polls from CNN. Forget what the liberal media is doling out with their suppression coverage. As of right now, Trump is going to win. He’s the incumbent with a booming economy and a weak 2020 Democratic field. It’s also a field that is pushing a radical left-wing agenda that even has ardent liberals a bit worried. Health care for illegal aliens and forced Medicare for All are some of the top issues being peddled by Democrats. They’re also positions that are incredibly unpopular. Medicare for All will result in the destruction of 150 million private health care plans. And yes, sorry, Democrats, but you’re wrong; Americans do like their employee-based health care plans. And do you know who else is impacted by this? Labor unions. Their health care plans are also targeted. For a party that had a solid advantage in handling health care, Democrats decided in a single cycle to toss that away. Oh, and the tax increases that will come from this will be biblical. There’s no way middle-class taxes don’t go up. Liz Warren’s plan costs $52 trillion over the next ten years. If you think taxes won’t go up for everyone, then you’re on crack. And crack is whack.

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