Yes, she really said that.

HARRIS: “I’m the only candidate on the stage who serves on the Senate intelligence committee. So I have been over the course of that time in regular receipt of classified information from our intelligence community about hot spots around the world and threats to our national security. On the issue of Russia’s interference in our election, it is a fact, in spite of what Donald Trump would like to in his delusions think. And listen to Christopher Wray, the Director of the FBI, who told us moths ago that we should be concerned about this as it relates to 2020. It’s a misinformation campaign. What happened — in the intelligence committee we actually published a report — is that the Russians decided to target populations that they knew would create tension and then in effect cause people to lack confidence in our election system and suppress the vote. And they targeted the black community. And they used the issue of race, which is America’s Achilles heel, to create tension and to draw heat so that Americans would turn on each other and ultimately many people said, you know what? This is too messy, I’m not going to vote. Voter suppression. So Russian interference, foreign interference in our election, has now become the latest form of classic voter suppression on top of what we know so many states at least two dozen states have done in passing legislation, including North Carolina, that was found to be surgically, right, with surgical precision, intended to suppress the black vote.”