CLYBURN: “Sure it could. And that would make this whole process much more political than I would like for it to be. I believe this whole process to me is about preserving this republic, protecting the democracy that we hold dear, and I do not believe that we ought to allow our political feelings to get in the middle of this. This country is worth saving. And I do believe that we are in a crisis much like that Thomas Payne wrote about back in 1776 when he talk about some are soldiers and sunshine patriots. We’re seeing a lot of sunshine patriots who are challenging the authority of real, brave soldiers and real patrons for lieutenant colonel vindman to be eviscerated the way this white House is, a real patriot he is and we have so much sunshine patriotship in this White House we ought to expose them and I think the American people ought to have an opportunity to read what Mr. Vindman had to say — lieutenant colonel vindman had to say and make their own judgment.”