The sex robots…

Via The Express:

Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi noir is set in Los Angeles in November 2019, this very month. And just like Back to the Future in 2015, the movie’s idea of the future is slightly off, but arguably predicted a few things too. Sadly, the screenwriters of the 80s hope for flying cars, just like hover boards (no, real hover boards) hasn’t come true just yet. Neither has the desolate dystopian landscape of Los Angeles depicted in Blade Runner.

While Los Angeles fights fires for real this week, Blade Runner’s November 2019 concept of the City of Angels saw constant rain and smog covering the skies – perhaps a prediction of the world’s worsening environment issues.

The film also saw robots called replicants, who are indistinguishable from humans, living among us.

We may not be there yet with AI, but robotics continue to advance, with facial and vocal reconstructions getting better and better, making it harder to recognise the difference between the real deal and the created.

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