Via Fox News:

The New York Times poo-pooed the long-standing tradition of television stations airing the “The Star-Spangled Banner” because some night owl viewers could be offended by the “politically charged” national anthem.

The piece, written by culture reporter Julia Jacobs and published Wednesday, is headlined “Local TV Revives a Bygone Tradition: Airing the National Anthem,” and declares that the song can “be a dividing line” for some Americans.

The Times noted that “one of popular culture’s generational divides” is whether or not you are old enough to remember the days when “The Star-Spangled Banner” aired on television stations. The national anthem was historically played late at night, going back to the advent of television, typically amid visuals of patriotic imagery before the station signed off until the next morning.

“Now, the early morning hours are filled with rebroadcasts and infomercials, eliminating any practical reason for a formal sign off,” the Times wrote.

Some stations have revived the tradition but the Times wrote that some viewers “might hear political overtones” as a result. Gray Television, CBS and Nexstar Media Group have led the way, with the National Anthem now played on more than 350 stations across America, according to the Times.

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