BIDEN: “Well, Super PAC, we’re not doing that either. Here’s what happened. You know, there’s been a grassroots response out there to the fact that Trump has gone out and decided to not only ask the Russians and the Chinese to get involved in making sure I’m not the nominee, but he has — his — his folks are spending an awful lot of money. He’s raised a lot of money, they tell me over $10 million spent in advertising so far, telling lies about me. And so, this is an understandable response from Democrats who desperately don’t want to see him re-elected president. My guess is we would have done the same thing for anybody who was attacked in the Democratic primary. You got to ask yourself why — if I’m the guy who’s not doing well — why is Trump spending — and the fundraisers, his gun lobby friends, et cetera, spending millions of dollars this early to try to determine who their Democratic opponent will be? The one thing he doesn’t want to do is face me, and that seems pretty clear.”