He should feel right at home.

Via Townhall:

Photos of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wearing blackface surfaced back in September. The original picture showed Trudeau with a painted brown face at an “Arabian Nights” party held by the West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver in 2001. He was teaching at the private school.

The second picture was of Trudeau wearing blackface at a high school talent show where he performed the song, “Day-O.”

And, in a third instance, a video showed Trudeau wearing blackface, waiving is arms and sticking his tongue out.

Trudeau thought the scandal was behind him but it turns out Canadian voters haven’t forgotten. Protestors wearing blackface showed up at an event in Ontario on Friday, TMZ reported. They even had signs saying, “We’re Aladdin Too! Orillia Blackface Club Welcomes Trudeau.”

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