She gets you coming and going.

Via Daily Caller:

Here’s a question for U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren that someone should ask.

Why not just tax crime?

Seriously. She’s got a plan to tax just about everything, including guns. The Massachusetts senator, who is rising as a leader among Democrats vying for the party’s White House nomination, vowed to raise the excise tax on firearms and ammunition to make guns too expensive and suppress firearms ownership. Her plan calls for a 30 percent excise tax increase on guns and a 50 percent increase on ammunition.

Let’s Talk Taxes

Warren doesn’t say in her plan is the firearms industry welcomed the excise tax on firearms and ammunition. It’s called the Pittman-Robertson tax and it funds wildlife conservation. It’s the tax that’s responsible for plentiful whitetail deer, ducks, elk, antelope and turkey. It’s also responsible for conserving millions of acres of wildlife habitat and non-game wildlife, like bald eagles and even newts. The firearms industry is proud to have paid $12.5 billion toward this fund since 1937.

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