Maybe he should be looking at why the left is so violent and uncontrolled when they don’t get what they want, rather than trying to justify their violence?

Via Free Beacon:

A Maine newspaper columnist suggested Friday that Sen. Susan Collins (R., Maine) deserved the death threats she has received during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Portland Press-Herald scribe Bill Nemitz wrote that Collins should figure out why she’s bothering voters so much.

He quoted a statement from Collins’s spokeswoman Annie Clark, who told the PPH that “over the past two years Senator Collins has endured death threats, threatening mailings, been confronted by people at her home late at night, been harassed in airports, at stores, when eating out, and in parking lots. She has protesters regularly at home, at her offices, and at events. She is ridiculed regularly online by people who mock her intellect, integrity, and physical characteristics.”

“Maybe it’s just me, but if I was experiencing all of those things, I’d start wondering what the heck I’m doing to tick so many people off,” Nemitz wrote.

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