Via Hot Air:

I saw this story yesterday and thought it couldn’t possibly be real but, unfortunately, it is. Until this week, Marlon Anderson was a high school security guard in Madison, Wisconsin, a job he had held at various schools for 11 years. Last Wednesday, he was asked to help remove a disruptive student from the school and the situation turned ugly. Anderson summarized his experience on Facebook this way: “I get called a [email protected]# @ss Ni€€A by a student, I responded do ‘not call me ni€€a !’ And I got fired.” The NY Times provides a more detailed account of what happened:

The student, a 17-year-old senior, had finished classes for the day and had taken another student’s cellphone when the assistant principal intervened, according to Mr. Anderson, who said the student then pushed the assistant principal.

As Mr. Anderson was trying to escort the student out of the building, he said, the student taunted him with the racial slur about 15 times. He said he repeatedly told the student to stop using the slur, which he himself repeated several times.

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