Pandering to the SJW base.

BOOKER: “Thank you very much for this question. So first of all, point-blank, this is a real problem in America and I will, number one, change the Trump Administration’s guidance back to what the Obama’s Administration’s guidance was, that schools should allow people to use the bathrooms that conforms with their gender identity, but we cannot stop there. We must use our Department of Justice and our Department of Education’s civil rights division to go after schools that are denying people equal rights and equal protections and that’s the last point I want to make. Again, this is very personal to me, because there was a time that people used every excuse possible to deny rights to women in this country, to minorities in this country and folks literally had to march and fight and struggle to allow there to be laws that govern equal protection. My parents and grandparents had stories of being denied the ability to stop at restaurants traveling across country or use restrooms and bathrooms, had people look down on them and said their associations, that the Bible didn’t justify their associations. We as a society now reject that kind of bigotry and hate.”