The media would cry bloody murder if Trump did this.

SANDERS: “Look, Brooke, we’re not going to play Donald Trump’s game here. The allegations which are — frankly, they’re not allegations, they’re smears and lies — that the Trump campaign, President Trump and his henchman Rudy Giuliani have said about Vice President Biden and his son and his family are lies. They’re smears and they’re unfounded and they have been debunked. Vice President Biden is I think understandably frustrated when folks in the media, people across the country and the media are asking questions about how Donald Trump’s breach of his oath of office reflects badly on Joe Biden. That doesn’t make sense. So a couple weeks ago you heard Vice President Biden out on the campaign trail in the gaggle, he just told reporters to ask the right questions. That’s the posture we have been taking and that is the posture we’ll continue to take. This is not about Joe Biden. This is about Donald Trump.”