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BRADBOOK: “And what that means is we need a lot of human labor. So humanity has to rise up in a really beautiful way and tend to the damage that we’ve done. And that means all of us, it’s all of us together in the places that the Earth is going to sustain life working together, to re-wild areas, to restore ecosystems, to clean up the rivers ,to plant trees, to basically sort the plastic out in the ocean and so on. And I actually think there are so many beautiful innovations out there and humanity could do that together and it needs all of us. For me this is part of re-weaving a human family back together again. It’s part of dealing with systemic racism, white supremacy and the wounds of patriarchy that want to separate us, make us feel powerless and destroy our togetherness and make us think that the whole planet is kind of scarce when actually nature is abundant and it replenishes itself.”