This guy rocks.

HOMAN: “Yeah, I’d like to respond to acting chairman Jayapal and your comment about the Trump Administration moving money around for more detention beds. I’d like to remind you, under the Obama Administration we did that most of the years he was president. We moved money around, DHS has called it reprogramming. We did that under the Obama Administration and I don’t remember any hearings on that. And also, I’d like to remind you that under the Obama Administration, you could point out the cages were built under the Obama Administration. I was there. Family detention, we had 100 family beds under the Obama Administration, we built 3,000 more. So when there was a surge in FY-14, FY-15 on the border, Congress was quick to give all the money we needed the detention facilities, transportation contracts. We reprogrammed money out of the majority of the years he was president. That was fine. Under the Obama Administration, FY-12, we removed 490,000 people, half of what was removed last year. There was no hearings about that. So, you know, this is about transparency. Let’s be factual about it.”