So now what are they going to do if, from what it sounds like, there’s nothing in the transcript? They’re already trying to make it not about the facts, but about the rumors.

Via RedState:

This is almost too good. Predictable, but still satisfying.

For most of today, we’ve been inundated with impeachment fever among Democrats, the media, and some anti-Trump Republicans. This despite the fact that there was no evidence Trump did anything illegal or untoward in a phone call between he and the new Ukrainian president. We already know there was no threat or quid pro quo involving military aid or otherwise, but after this weekend’s hysteria, there was apparently no walking the story back.

Then something hilarious happened. As my colleague streiff reported earlier, Trump called their bluff.

The fact that the transcript will be unredacted leads one to anticipate that it is probably going to be innocuous and completely open to whatever interpretation you wish to make of it. If that is the case, this has been a epic troll of the Democrats.
Guess how Democrats and the media responded to getting what they had been demanding for days?

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