Interesting the New Yorker is doing a lot on Biden. Warren fans?

Via Twitchy:

Forget Ukraine and Hunter Biden. There’s another story we should be paying attention to and the best part is that Hunter has admitted to it, which just raises more questions.

Via an interview he gave to the New Yorker and published in July, what’s the deal with the giant diamond he received from a wealthy Chinese businessman? Did he pay taxes on it as income?

From the New Yorker. This happened in 2017 and Hunter says it’s not a big deal because Joe Biden wasn’t in office:

One of Kathleen’s motions contains a reference to “a large diamond” that had come into Hunter’s possession. The motion seems to imply that it was one of Hunter’s “personal indulgences.” When I asked him about it, he told me that he had been given the diamond by the Chinese energy tycoon Ye Jianming, who was trying to make connections in Washington among prominent Democrats and Republicans, and whom he had met in the middle of the divorce. Hunter told me that two associates accompanied him to his first meeting with Ye, in Miami, and that they surprised him by giving Ye a magnum of rare vintage Scotch worth thousands of dollars.

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