New York Times really is covering themselves with glory lately. Not. How do you go to bat for this slime of a human being?

Via Daily Wire:

The New York Times continues its string of bad tweets this week with the following whopper:

Two men died in the home of Ed Buck, a small-time Democratic donor and political activist. Now federal prosecutors say they have detailed a disturbing pattern in which he exchanged drugs and money for sexual favors, citing at least 11 victims. (Emphasis added).

Anyone with even a vague sense of who Buck is knew the idea that he was a “small-time” donor was ludicrous. A quick search of the Open Secrets database shows Buck has donated at least $100,000 to Democrat candidates and groups over the past decade. A Fox News review of federal records showed that “Buck also contributed more than $500,000 to Democratic groups, including $1,500 to the Obama presidential campaign and $2,950 to the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

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