Just a tad creepy.

Via Newsbusters:

Demonstrating the New York Times’ eagerness to ingratiate with the LGBTQ left, Alice Hines eagerly explored the world of pre-teenaged “drag stars” in “Sashaying Their Way Through Youth — Among the rising stars of drag are some who are not even old enough to drive” for the New York Times on Sunday. The main focus was the now-12-year-old “drag star” Desmond Napoles, aka “Desmond is Amazing.” The online subhead was promotional: “Meet the rising drag stars of America. They’re tweens.”

Desmond pegs his start in the world of drag to 2015, when videos of him vogueing at the New York Pride parade went viral; at one point, a high kick sent a flip-flop soaring over the crowd. Next came gigs channeling Gwen Stefani and David Bowie, along with runway shows for Gypsy Sport and the Blonds.

Hines didn’t spot any sexual content in the “drag kid” moment.

As recently as the 1970s, when dressing as another gender could lead to arrest on charges of vagrancy or “perversion” in many jurisdictions, drag was an adults-only affair, relegated to underground spaces and rich in sexual innuendo.

But as gay culture has gained mainstream acceptance, the number and variety of locations where drag is welcome have grown. G-rated story hours are now offered at public libraries. Kids — and parents intent on raising them outside of traditional gender norms — are keen to perform.

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