Trump is willing to try to take on all the issues that Obama avoided and kicked down the road.

Via Fox News:

The escalation in the U.S.-China trade war Friday – with each country slapping new tariffs on the other – is part of a larger fight that will decide which nation will shape the economic and geopolitical future of the 21st century. President Trump is right to refuse to raise the white flag of surrender.

Thankfully, few expect a shooting war to erupt between China and the U.S. Instead, our two countries are waging economic warfare, with trade policy being central to the battle. And like escalation in a shooting war, hostile actions taken by one side in our trade war with China will typically prompt the other to retaliate.

That’s why when China announced Friday that it would increase tariffs on $75 billion in imports from the U.S., President Trump was right to respond the same day.

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