Leftists are evil. Meanwhile Conservatives offer prayers for RBG. There’s the difference in humanity right there.

Via Fox News:

The death of billionaire GOP power player David Koch on Friday morning showed the best and worst of Twitter, with plugged-in journalists quickly disseminating news of his death — and then ghoulish users rushing into the fray to memorialize their most vile thoughts.

The Koch brothers have for decades been loathed by the left, with their generous apolitical philanthropy obscured by their more widely reported donations to GOP politicians and causes. And Trump supporters don’t exactly back them either given the wide philosophical gap between the billionaire brothers and the president.

So Friday’s news sent many who already view the Koch brothers as Republican boogeymen to their keyboards to “celebrate” David’s passing and taunt his grieving older brother, Charles.

Tweets such as “Today Charles Koch is learning how overjoyed the world will be when he dies” and “Here’s hoping Charles Koch follows in his brothers David Koch’s footsteps…” did little to help the social media site’s reputation as a toxic cesspool of negativity.

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