Via Army Times:

You can’t have hair down to there if you’re going to be an infantryman.

Reynaldo Arroyo, 23, had been growing his hair for 15 years, until it reached his waist and beyond. Last week, it was decision time.

On Thursday, he was grinning as great lengths of his hair were snipped off so he could join the Army. A video of the event was posted on the Salt Lake City Army Recruiting Battalion Facebook page.

He’s enlisting as an 11X to go infantry, and plans to go airborne, the Facebook post said.

“I’m just really excited to be enlisting in the Army,” he said in the video, right before he was shorn.

“Congratulations to Reynaldo Arroyo for enlisting in the #USArmy from the Missoula U.S. Army Recruiting Station.” the post reads.

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