GARAMENDI: “If this man was out on the street without the Secret Service around him, some policeman would arrest him and put him on a 72-hour hold. Anybody walking down the street that claims that they’re messianic, that they’re the chosen one, and then all the ranting that you just had, and much, much more, no, that’s the subject matter for a 72-hour psychological hold in some — one of the mental institutions. We got a very serious problem here. We got a president that is unhinged, that cannot handle himself. We have got a president that has displayed narcissism from the very first day of his campaign and extreme racism, taking on Mexicans, as he did, at his very first moment of his campaign, and then continuing on. For him to claim that he didn’t have — that he’s the one that brought the families back together, his mind isn’t working properly. And that is a very, very scary proposition for the president of the United States, the most powerful single person in the world.”