How do these people still not know the score on Shaun King at this point? We outed him in 2015 along with several other sites, but he’s still soliciting money from people. His latest fundraiser is “Flip the Senate.”

Via Newsone:

The seemingly good news that Rihanna planned to honor Shaun King at an upcoming awards ceremony was quickly flipped upside down after its announcement on Wednesday when social media users reacted by pulling out what they claimed were some damning receipts about the controversial social justice activist.

Rihanna’s annual Diamond Ball was set to present King as well as Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley with the event’s highest honor next month with the Diamond Ball Award which, according to Variety, “will benefit the Clara Lionel Foundation, an organization created by the singer to fund education and emergency response programs throughout the globe.”

But when social media users caught wind of the announcement, there seemed to be a collective scratching of the head surrounding the selection of King to be honored for his work in the civil rights arena. The announcement powered King’s name to be the top trending topic on Twitter overnight, but not in a good way (depending on who you ask).

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