Via Fox News:

A restaurant server shared a heartwarming moment with a 91-year-old WWII veteran that has gone viral on social media.

Customer Lisa Meilander was dining with her family at Eat’n Park diner in Belle Vernon, Penn., when she spotted an elderly man seated alone in a nearby booth.

Meilander, a preschool teacher, said at first her family “really didn’t see him come in,” but took notice when their waiter, Dylan Tetil, 24, got down on one knee to talk to the man “eye-to-eye.”

“The man apologized for not hearing too well. He had forgotten to put in his hearing aids. He talked about how he lost his hearing during his time in the war. He was 91 years old with many stories to tell. Dylan patiently listened giving him his full attention,” Meilander wrote on Facebook, along with photos of the touching moment the men shared.

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