BIDEN: “A lot of you know the Delmarva Peninsula, it’s all three feet above water, a lot of great fishing and hunting, duck hunting. And I walked through the estuaries, and a hunter guy said ‘Damn, Joe, what did you take my gun for?’ I said, let me ask you, those cop-killer bullets, I said, how many deer you know wearing Kevlar vests? Raise your hand. You really need one? And hell, if you need 100 clips or 30 clips in a weapons, then you shouldn’t be hunting, man! You’re dangerous! You’re dangerous. (applause) I’m not joking. You know, he’d say to me, take my shotgun. I said, I have three — now I have five, because my son died and I have three of his. That’s five shotguns, but they’re under lock and key. You leave your key in your car out here and a 14-year-old comes along, picks it up and takes it off and gets in a crash, you’re liable. Well, if you leave a weapon sitting on the table with no trigger lock on — ”