Buckle up, April…

Via RedState:

Last week, Red State‘s Bonchie wrote about a disturbing incident from August 3rd involving New Brunswick Today journalist Charlie Kratovil, CNN political contributor April Ryan, and Ryan’s bodyguard Joel Morris. Kratovil alleges that Morris assaulted him. Not long after the incident, Kratovil pressed charges against Morris .

NJ.com reports on the criminal complaint that was filed against Morris today:

A criminal complaint dated August 19 charges 30-year-old Joel Morris of Country Club Hills, Illinois, with harassment, assault and theft. It alleges Morris took Kratovil’s arm and shoved it behind his back, injuring his forearm and shoulder. The harassment and theft charges stem from Morris taking the camera, according to the complaint.

Kratovil said a public relations firm had alerted him to Ryan’s appearance and invited him to attend the NJ Parent Summit. He said he received permission and arrived at the hotel, checked in and recorded other speakers for two hours without issue.

But shortly before Ryan took the stage, a man began to question his camera and his presence, he said.
To recap what was alleged: In a lengthy thread posted to Twitter on August 5th, Kratovil alleged Morris stole but later returned his camera equipment at an August 3rd event in New Jersey, and that Morris also physically assaulted him. The event was the 4th annual New Jersey Parent Summit. Ryan was scheduled to be the keynote speaker.

Kratovil was able to record some of the incident, which you can watch below. Note that Morris first confers with Ryan to get the okay to act before proceeding to go after Kratovil:

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