They locked up 13 of them.

Via RedState:

Antifa’s violence is only getting worse, and a new video shows that the domestic terrorist group is willing to injure someone gravely, possibly even fatally.

In a video posted by Elijah Schaffer, you can see as Antifa members open black cases containing chunks of concrete. Members can be seen breaking up the concrete and passing out the chunks. These chunks were then thrown at the windows of busses containing Trump supporters as the busses were stuck in traffic.

The occupants on the bus were in very real danger. As you can see, one of the bus doors opened and Antifa members immediately charged forward and began attacking Trump supporters. They attempted to pull the Trump supporters out, and at one point, one Antifa member began attacking a Trump supporter with a hammer. Upon not being able to reach him, the Antifa supporter threw the hammer at the man.

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