Via Yahoo:

We all know that lurching feeling of dread we get when a treasured elderly celebrity is trending on social media – well this time it was Dick Van Dyke’s turn, when his name was trending on Twitter this morning.

But, it wasn’t bad news about the 93-year-old actor that had gotten his name trending, but a delightful video clip of him singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a capella in a restaurant.

In the clip, the Mary Poppins legend looks sprightly and relaxed as he sings a song from one of his most famous roles, with three other men assisting him with the harmonies. The performance is in a busy restaurant, all eyes watching the apparently impromptu performance, with many capturing the moment with their mobile phones. The song ends to rapturous applause and a huge smile from Van Dyke.

The clip, which is just over a minute long, was posted by author Giles Paley-Phillips, along with the caption: “Dick Van Dyke singing “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” in a restaurant will cheer you up no end.”