Already far more successful than Elijah Cummings in his 30 years repping the district.

Via Daily Caller:

Volunteers cleaning up the streets of Baltimore saved two men from overdosing Thursday.

The men donned orange shirts that read “Operation Baltimore Cleanup” and were disposing of waste on Monroe Street when they saw two men walking erratically.

John Rourke, who volunteered his services as the head of All American Sanitation, told the Washington Post that he was shocked at the condition of the city. “I didn’t know that a city in the United States could be this bad. I’ve seen cities in Iraq cleaner than here. Cities shouldn’t be this bad,” he said.

Rourke and his team arrived in Baltimore in response to the national controversy that began with a Twitter spat between President Donald Trump and Democratic Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings. Trump responded to Cummings’ criticism of conditions at the U.S.-Mexico border by describing Cummings’ congressional district, which includes parts of Baltimore, as a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

Soon after, House Leader Nancy Pelosi joined the Twitter spat as she suggested Trump’s comments amounted to “racist attacks.”

Rourke says he wanted to go see for himself what the conditions were like in Baltimore.

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