How do you not view this guy as a danger to the community?

Via Sac Bee:

San Francisco police have made an arrest in the violent attack that a woman endured while trying to get into her apartment building over the weekend.

Police said 25-year-old Austin James Vincent was booked on false imprisonment, battery and attempted robbery charges, KTVU reports. A San Francisco District Attorney’s Office spokesman said that — despite prosecutors’ concerns — Vincent was released from jail “on assertive case management” after he pleaded not guilty in court on Tuesday, KGO reports.

Video posted on Twitter by a woman who said she was the victim shows a front desk concierge frantically using the phone and trying to help the victim as the attacker and victim grapple with one another at the glass front door. Eventually the victim makes it safely inside the building, which SFGate identified as the Watermark condos on Beale and Bryant streets along the Embarcadero downtown.

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