Wrong again, Nancy.

PELOSI: “I think the public sentiment on that subject was very strong, and that the American people overwhelmingly said this isn’t who we are as a nation. That doesn’t mean that the policy of this administration will be to stop that. And so that’s why we’re here, to see how their policy is being implemented. But we are a better country than that. I’m a mother of five, nine grandchildren. We all know the bonding that is essential between parents and children. And for this administration to separate children from their parents is unconscionable. And that’s one of the reasons we’re here, to see that that stops. But the damage has been done in so many cases. We want to try to bring families back together, but again, this is — this is a public policy issue. The challenge is — again, the challenge is the conscience of America. Undermines the candid of — character of who we are. And as people of faith, it just has no place, has no place in our country or in our hearts.”