But if you listen to his language, he still appears to be dancing around it.

Via Mediaite:

After months of will-they,won’t-they, House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nalder finally confirmed, to CNN’s Erin Burnett, that the his committee has begun an official impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump and that he has House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s political blessing: “This is formal impeachment proceedings.”

Nadler spoke on Burnett’s Out Front and told the CNN host that his committee is now moving forward with the purpose of deciding whether or not to recommend articles of impeachment against the president.

“This is formal impeachment proceedings,” Nadler said. “We are investigating all the evidence, we’re gathering the evidence and we will conclusion of this, hopefully by the end of the year, vote to, vote articles of impeachment to the House floor or we won’t. That’s a decision that we’ll have to make. But that — that’s exactly the process we’re in right now.”

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But the ranking member, Rep. Doug Collins, doesn’t seem to think so:

Seems like Nadler is playing both ends against the middle, suggest he’s doing it while not actually doing it formally.

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