Via Free Beacon:

New York magazine has published an extensive feature on accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s elite circle of friends and associates, which at one point included both President Donald Trump, who previously identified as a Democrat, and former President Bill Clinton.

The list of names, compiled from Epstein’s address book and the flight logs of his private jet, includes a number of less recognizable individuals who are nevertheless deeply connected to the Democratic Party establishment, and to the Clintons in particular.

Doug Band — Former Clinton aide who helped found the Clinton Global Initiative in 2005 before launching the corporate consulting firm Teneo, where Bill Clinton served on the advisory board. Teneo also hired former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin while she was still working at the State Department, an arrangement that sparked a congressional investigation. Leaked emails revealed that Teneo helped Bill Clinton, also a client of the firm, secure tens of millions of dollars in speaking fees and other financial arrangements with large multinational corporations.

André Balazs — Celebrity hotel magnate, major Democratic donor, and accused groper. Bill Clinton once performed an impromptu DJ set at one of his hotels in London.

Sandy Berger — Bill Clinton’s former national security adviser, whose name appears in Epstein’s flight logs.

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