What a case in miniature to show the perils of leftist thought.

Via Free Beacon:

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit from a college student for injuries she sustained while protesting the election of Donald Trump on a freeway, after he declared victory in November 2016.

Protests on college campuses were a common sight after the election. At the University of California, San Diego, one such protest by hundreds of students began on campus, but ultimately moved to the nearby I-5 freeway at approximately 1:30 am. Students were presumably trying to block the freeway, a tactic which was common at the height of the Black Lives Matter protests.

As students fanned out across the lanes, they flashed the lights on their phones to signal oncoming traffic of their presence. A Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) vehicle tried to slow approaching drivers by driving in an “S” formation, but within moments, a driver went around the Caltrans vehicle and struck a student while moving at considerable speed.

The student, Maria Ana Carrola Flores, suffered a crushed pelvis and a fractured leg, among other injuries. The driver stopped and was released when it was determined he was not driving under the influence.

In 2017, Flores filed a lawsuit against the driver, the city and county of San Diego, the University of California, San Diego, and the UC Board of Regents.

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