Courtesy of the left’s terror group of choice.

Via PMW:

[Sign on school:] “The Islamic Riyad (Gardens of) Al-Aqsa Schools – Sur Baher” (Jerusalem)

Young children in school sing:

“How beautiful are the gardens of Al-Aqsa.

I am a bud atop its hills.”

Footage of children doing “V” signs while others try to hide their faces as they hold up stones and a rifle bullet.

“How strong is the army of Al-Aqsa.

I am a soldier, defending its protected area.

How precious is the land of Al-Aqsa.

I shall give up my life for its sake.”

Young children in classroom sing:

“In the way of Allah we proceed aspiring to raise the flag.

May the glory of the religion (Islam) return, and may our blood be shed.”