Via Campus Reform:

Amid national Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids, the university where students previously protested an ICE representative by chanting “F–k ICE” now wants to protect its illegal immigrant students from the federal law enforcement agency.

Northwestern University Interim Vice President for Student Affairs Julie Payne Kirchmeier released a statement to the school community over social media and email Friday regarding Northwestern’s illegal alien policy.

“Amid reports that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents plan to arrest thousands of migrants across the country Sunday, Northwestern wants to assure our community, including our undocumented students, that we are firmly committed to protecting our students, faculty, and staff,” the statement read. “Northwestern will not release information from a student’s education record, including immigration status and other identifying information, without the student’s written consent, except as required by law.”

The statement also included a “know your rights” information page, along with instructions on what to do if contacted by federal agents. These resources give illegal immigrants instructions and warnings, such as cautioning illegals before taking authorized U.S. air travel.

The mayor of the city of Evanston, where Northwestern is located, released a similar statement regarding the potential for ICE enforcement in the area.

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