This is some indictment.

Via NY Post:

The lights went out on Broadway Saturday night, and Bill de Blasio was a thousand miles away in Iowa. It was the moment that perfectly captured his distracted, ego-driven failure of a mayoralty.

Bill de Blasio does not care about New York City. He does not care about its people. He does not care about how it’s run. He does not care about you or your taxes, creating jobs or improving lives. All Bill de Blasio cares about is Bill de Blasio.

And so, for the good of the city, Gov. Andrew Cuomo needs to remove the mayor from office.

Let’s face it: It’s only by accident de Blasio is mayor in the first place. Without Anthony Weiner’s onanistic implosion, the Campaign Finance Board’s sidelining of rival lefty John Liu, or the support of one peculiar, but well-funded, constituency — people who hate carriage horses — de Blasio would probably be calling for a socialist uprising on Community Board 6.

But there he was, the designated survivor of 2013, suddenly in charge of your money. And boy, did he spend it. He paid off the unions with generous contracts, expanded the taxpayer-funded workforce and poured cash into pet projects. Thanks to the success of Wall Street and real estate, he never lacked for funds, never had to make any tough budget choices.

Yet from the start, his lack of interest was apparent.

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