Man who attacked the ICE center in Tacoma was Willem van Spronsen.

Here he is in a Facebook pic from the John Brown Gun Club and wearing their hat.

John Brown Gun Club appears to be synonymous with “Redneck Revolt” and was featured with a CNN promo here:

You can actually see Van Spronsen in the video at about :04.

And then CNN’s W. Kamau Bell actually asks people to “do what they can to support” the group pointing to what is now a protected tweet.

This all of course followed a lot of demonizing of ICE from people like the ‘Gang of Four.’

Showing that he was indeed whipped up by the Democratic demonization.

Other media also featured this group as somehow “heroic.” Newsweek claimed that they were “protecting minorities” with guns.

It’s unclear how setting fire to a detention center full of illegal aliens (some of whom were likely minorities) would have helped them.

HT: Andy Ngo