It’s a great mystery to the liberal media.

Via Hot Air:

Well, here’s a clever whodunit from the Paper of Record. Whatever might be the cause of a sudden drop in border crossings? What could it possibly be?

Here’s the NYT headline:

A Drastic Drop in Migrant Arrivals on the Border: What’s Happening?

And here’s the lead:

In the sleeping quarters, green cots that were once occupied by hundreds of parents and children on a single night were stacked against the wall. For dinner on Tuesday, just two tables were set for the handful of families staying at the large shelter near the California border that takes in migrant families arriving from Mexico.

At its peak, the facility run by Jewish Family Service of San Diego held more than 300 migrants dropped off by United States immigration authorities. Some days this spring were so busy that new arrivals had to be sent to overflow sites.

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