The poll was infected by low polling Democrats.

Via Daily Wire:

A new Gallup poll has disturbing news: the percentage of respondents claiming they were “extremely proud” to be American was the lowest since Gallup started asking that question in 2001.

Only 45% of respondents said they were “extremely proud to be American.” Unsurprisingly, only 22% of respondents claiming they were Democrats agreed with that sentiment as opposed to a whopping 76% of Republicans. 41% of independents said they were “extremely proud.”

Only a slight difference was found between men and women; 48% of men said they were “extremely proud” while 43% of women agreed. But an enormous chasm separated older respondents from younger ones; 63% of adults over 65 agreed they felt “extremely proud” while only 24% of those between 18 and 29 agreed.

70% of respondents agreed they were simply proud to be Americans.

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