These are the folks Democrats would just let right in.

Via Daily Mail:

Four suspected ISIS jihadists were arrested in Nicaragua early this week after they entered the country illegally via Panama and Costa Rica.

The United States government issued a warning on Monday after three men with ties to ISIS were believed to be in the Central American state amid fears they were heading to the US border.

U.S. authorities believed the group intended to sneak into Mexico.

They were arrested on Tuesday morning along with a fourth man.

Egyptian nationals Mohamed Ibrahim, 33, and Mahmoud Samy Eissa 26, along with Iraqis Ahmed Ghanim Mohamed Al Jubury, 41 and Mustafa Ali Mohamed Yaoob, 29, were all detained in Cardenas, a city in the state of Rivas.

The suspected jihadists crossed through an uninhabited passage known as La Guasimada located between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, according to Nicaraguan outlet La Nacion.

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