Now hopefully they can resolve the differences. But it still doesn’t include wall funding.

Via CBS:

The Senate passed its version of a supplemental border funding bill after rejecting the House bill passed Thursday night. The Senate’s bipartisan bill passed with 84 yeas to 8 nays and comes amid renewed scrutiny over the treatment of young migrants in U.S. custody at detention centers.

The Senate bill includes bipartisan negotiated border security funding language and was expected to pass with the 60 votes necessary. Now it will be returned to the House for consideration, but Congress is leaving at the end of the week for its Independence Day recess, so there is very little time to reconcile the House and Senate versions.

Senate lawmakers hope the House will adopt the Senate bill, since it passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

The Senate’s bipartisan package provides $4.59 billion in emergency funds to address the humanitarian and security crisis at the border. It includes the following:

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