But… but… but… free stuff!

BIDEN: “It’s a gigantic theme. Here’s the deal. You know my state. What people don’t know here, we’re the 18th largest black population, percent of the population in America. I’m from those, I know those communities, they’re getting killed on the environmental stuff, all the bad stuff is happening. They have wooden pipes that are, in fact, leaking as the headline in the South Carolina paper said today, like tissue paper. What’s going on here? They’re the ones the refineries are built next to, where the smog is occurring, where all this stuff is dropping. And so here’s the deal .The thing is that the idea as we strengthen the African American community throughout this country, what we do is we not only make it better for them, we make it better for all of America. And so those people who are cynical about this, I want to point out we save billions of dollars in the process. Billions of dollars. And, look, Rev, we can do this. I’m not making these numbers up, mine are not, ‘Let’s make everything free for everybody all the time. We can send everybody to community college for free, cutting in half the cost of college, by just adding $6 billion to our budget.”