Via Townhall:

The slow march of the collectivist thinker always leads society toward complete government control over every function of the individual — whether it be the economy or your sex life, the only way the world can work under a leftist reality is if self-autonomy becomes obsolete. We were reminded of this again today after a self-avowed “secular humanist, feminist, physician” tweeted that certain parents should be banned from having children. In other words, she supports eugenics much like early feminist hero Margaret Sanger.

“Men and women who have bad genes with genetic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc. should not produce children. They have no right to make others suffer,” Taslima Nasreen tweeted.

In what seems like a parody, she defended her position by claiming that she too suffers because of her parents’ genetic defects. “I love fish and meat and sweets. But I have to be a vegan in order to reduce the risk of early death,” Nasreen said.

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