She’ll have more policy proposals than Bernie or Biden, but she’s so unlikeable and so easy to set off.

Via Daily Wire:

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders — the original “Democratic socialist” — is plummeting in the polls, giving rise to a new leader in early primary states, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

A brand new CBS poll out Sunday shows that Warren is now in second place behind former Vice President Joe Biden in early primary states, edging out Sanders by at least one point, and she’s closing in on Biden.

“Biden is the first choice for 31 percent of voters in 18 early voting states, according to the survey, followed by Warren with 17 percent, Sanders with 16 percent and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) with 10 percent,” the Hill reports. “When Democratic voters are asked which candidate they are considering supporting and allowed to choose as many candidates as they want, Biden still leads with 55 percent, but Warren is closer behind, with 49 percent saying they are considering supporting her.”

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