Behaving like children.

Via Daily Caller:

Government employees turned their backs on Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue during a meeting Thursday as a silent protest over the decision to relocate the Economic Research Service (ERS) and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).

The ERS and NIFA are currently located in Washington, D.C., and are research agencies within the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA plans to move the agencies, including their 550 research jobs, to Kansas City, in a move to save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, according to CNN.

Many of the employees, however, feel that the change is due to politics and only serves as a platform to interrupt climate research. Perdue announced the decision Thursday morning after both agencies previously voted to unionize in order to stop the move.

ERS and NIFA employees continued to disagree with the decision and showed this by silently turning their backs on Perdue during Thursday’s meeting where he discussed the decision. He didn’t take any questions from employees afterwards, CNN reported.

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